Modern Solutions

For Modern Problems

The Ether Law Firm was founded to help clients take their business into the future. We advise growing and mature companies on a wide range of transactional and litigation issues, and we work to keep our clients focused on growing their business instead of defending it. At The Ether Law Firm, we love to represent companies that thrive on technology and innovation, from trade secrets in manufacturing to blockchain technology platforms and tokenized assets. When our clients get into a legal dispute, we deliver a track record of success in litigation from 17 years of experience litigating bet-the-company cases worth hundreds of millions of dollars. In doing so, we emphasize negotiated resolutions through Early Case Assessment and strategic settlement negotiations. The Ether Law Firm also offers Mediation Services for parties seeking a neutral mediator with experience in commercial litigation. If you are looking for a litigator, mediator, or counselor with the skill set and experience that comes from a top tier law firm without the expensive overhead or lack of attention from your lead lawyer, The Ether Law Firm was created for you!