Mediation Services

Mediation, Dispute Resolution, and Early Case Assessment

Daniel Norris is a neutral mediator registered with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. He provides mediation services backed by his experience in a wide range of commercial litigation matters. Mr. Norris operates independently from any of the big mediation firms, which makes him available to litigants seeking quick results and more flexible scheduling.

Mr. Norris has received extensive training in the art of mediation through the Justice Center of Atlanta. As a private practitioner, Mr. Norris has handled countless mediations on behalf of clients in a wide range of commercial litigation matters. Mr. Norris enjoys the art of creative problem solving, and he has worked to successfully resolve many matters that his clients believed were destined for trial.

Putting a Priority on Problem Solving

Mr. Norris believes in providing meaningful feedback to mediation participants regarding their legal strategy and prospects for success. He focuses on seeking a constructive solution to the parties’ needs, rather than posturing for litigation advantage. This focus on problem solving helps mediation clients resolve disputes that might otherwise be delayed or sent to trial because of an unnecessary litigation-first mindset. By providing a constructive, engaged, and creative approach to mediation and dispute resolution, Mr. Norris can help mediation participants get back to the work of growing their business sooner rather than later.

Early Case Assessment

Many clients are unable to resolve their disputes early in litigation because they do not have a realistic and independent assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of their case. The Ether Law Firm is now available to conduct an early case assessment to help litigation clients independently evaluate their case, improve their legal theories and strategy, and evaluate the best plan for moving forward.

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