Commercial Litigation

The Ether Law Firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation, including cases related to:

  • manufacturing
  • cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • trade secrets
  • products liability claims
  • warranty claims
  • contractual disputes
  • personal injuries
  • real estate

Mr. Norris has a unique perspective on litigation strategy and efficiency stemming from his broad experience representing clients in general commercial disputes and personal injury claims.

Battle-Tested Litigator with a Record of Results

When a dispute cannot be resolved, you need to have a battle-tested trial lawyer with a track record of results against the best attorneys in the country. Mr. Norris has obtained over $200 million in trial verdicts, arbitration awards, and settlements for his clients, and he has won cases against some of the toughest defense firms in the nation while facing members of the American College of Trial Lawyers. Although a trial is almost never the desired result in litigation, to reach a successful resolution, you need a lawyer with the courtroom credibility to show your opposition you are prepared to fight your case to its conclusion, no matter how hard that fight may be. The Ether Law Firm delivers that track record of success.

Efficient and Realistic Litigation Strategy from Start to Finish

When you hire a law firm, however, you should consider more than just past results. While lawyers can sometimes impress you with their highlight reel, the most important consideration in hiring a litigator is understanding their strategy and plan for bringing your case to a conclusion. The fundamental objective of any litigation must be to resolve your dispute on favorable terms. A lawyer who takes many months or years to give you a realistic assessment of your case or to bring the opposing party into a settlement negotiation has likely lost sight of that goal. Mr. Norris is a skilled negotiator and a Registered Mediator. He has extensive experience with Early Case Assessment, and will thoroughly assess the merits of your dispute, helping you understand its strengths and its value. Then he will develop a comprehensive plan to resolve the matter in the most cost-effective manner and on the most favorable terms.

If you are an individual, entrepreneur, business owner, or manufacturer, seeking a strategic approach to your toughest legal challenges, contact The Ether Law Firm today.